Gisela Mayer

In Gisela Mayer are specialists in Wigs and Hairpieces and will offer you absolutely the greatest variety of all of Europe.

Their experts design the models according to the latest international trends of high fashion hair and use the latest techniques and international manufacturing.

  • In his collection you will find everything from models of high quality Monofilament that are knotted 100% handmade and Lace Front (Front of theater), to models of wigs modern made in Tresse (stitched to strips).
  • The Lace-Front or Front-of-theater is a lightweight gauze at the base of the wig that makes the models more natural and light, so you can comb the wig back and leave the front clear.
  • Hairpieces partial to the top of the head, TOP, fill, hair and hairpieces, some with Front-of-theatre, they are very easy to incorporate in your own hair, and thus integrate also in the fine hair.
  • A natural fibre High-Tech (Fiber-Techno) high technology is resistant to heat, and that allows you to shape and comb with hair on an individual form. Advice and inspiration in the models from Gisela Mayer.
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