Davines Naturaltech is a complete line of curative treatments aimed at solving specific hair and scalp problems, through the combination of ´sustainable beauty practices´ and the most advanced technology.

Naturaltech products are designed to offer specific treatments in the salon and at home, capable of supporting the improvement of the main conditions of the scalp and hair.

Davines Naturaltech

Where nature and technology meet

Whether you're dealing with an excessively oily scalp or hormonal hair loss, Naturaltech families have been formulated to address and prevent the recurrence of the most common scalp and hair problems.

Naturaltech is a complete program that addresses the needs of hair and scalp, combining sustainable beauty and cutting-edge technology.

All Naturaltech products are born from the harmonious combination of three elements: Nature, Man and Technology. The name itself was chosen as an expression of their values: technology, expertly applied to nature, allows them to obtain quality formulations with the utmost respect for the planet.

Healthy hair starts at the root

Formulated specifically to prevent and solve the most common scalp and hair problems, Naturaltech helps you restore balance, restoring health naturally.

Naturaltech was created to be used in conjunction with treatments performed with a massage ritual, which you can experience in your Davines salon. Working in harmony with its products, massage reactivates blood flow and prepares the skin to maximize the benefits of the treatment.

The most modern technologies, applied to the well-being of your hair


The scalp is home to a family of protective microorganisms, essential for the balance of the scalp: the Microbiota

Energizing Superactive, Energizing Seasonal Superactive and Elevating Recovery Scalp Treatment present the innovative Microbiotic Booster with postbiotics.

This new class of protective molecules helps strengthen the skin barrier, reducing redness, itching and skin discomfort, offering an extra barrier against external aggressions, for a balanced scalp.


The Naturaltech line has four different Superactives to address specific problems, professional products of extraordinary effectiveness, which help brittle hair by counteracting hair loss (Energizing), repair and protect dry and damaged hair (Nourishing), soothe the scalp and soothe irritation (Calming), giving body when necessary (Replumping).

Each superactive can also be used in combination with products from other families, performing a secondary function. Versatility allows the Naturaltech range to treat any type of hair and skin anomaly, even the most complex mixed types.

The principle and formula of Naturaltech

Advanced technologies allow Davines to formulate high-performance products that deliver the results you need.

  • Natural biological molecules

Naturaltech's formulas contain phytoceuticals, powerful plant-derived molecules ("fito" in Greek means plant).

The beneficial effects that phytoceuticals have on the body have been known since ancient times: they are biologically active compounds that provide protection and have antioxidant effect, so they are also recommended in the presence of inflammation.

All phytoceuticals used in Naturaltech formulations are certified as organic by ICEA (Italian Organic Certification Authority) and are of European origin.

  • High-performance active ingredients

Naturaltech also has Innovative Complexes, composed of high performance active ingredients, aimed at treating specific problems of the scalp and hair.

They can combine the beneficial effects of plant extracts with the extraordinary effectiveness of state-of-the-art raw materials. The resorts are part of the Nourishing, Energizing and Renewing families

How to deal with an existing problem and protect yourself from its recurrence

Naturaltech products are designed to offer specific treatments in the salon and at home, capable of supporting the improvement of the main conditions of the scalp and hair.


Hair and skin problems, such as dandruff or irritation, need to be treated directly: using Naturaltech offers you a kind of "recipe" designed to address these problems and help prevent their recurrence.


Lines like Renewing (anti-aging) and Wellbeing (for all hair types) are designed to help you maintain long-term hair health.

Packaging: the link between design and sustainability

They are inspired by herbalists and traditional pharmacies: each family presents a collection of symbolic freehand drawings.


Priority to packaging made of recycled materials or from renewable sources.

- Bottles and containers are made of recycled plastic (99%) and glass (46%)

- The tubes and labels are made of vegetable plastic from renewable sources (sugar cane)

- Cardboard boxes, when requested, are made from FSC recycled paper


Packaging and life cycle with offset emissions, excluding the use phase.

- Naturaltech is a line produced and packaged in Italy, at the carbon neutral plant in Davines Village, which uses only energy from renewable sources

- Control and offset all CO2eq emissions related to the life cycle of Naturaltech products, excluding only the phase of use in the living room or shower

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