Scalp Solutions

Scalp Solutions de Aveda

Take scalp care to the next level with Aveda's Scalp Solutions product line!

Aveda's Scalp Solutions line is designed to address scalp imbalances and concerns, giving you an effective and natural solution. These products have been formulated with botanical, sustainable ingredients to soothe, balance and revitalize your scalp.

Aveda's Scalp Solutions line offers a variety of specialty scalp care products

  • Balancing Shampoo: This gentle but effective purifying shampoo thoroughly cleanses the scalp, removing impurities, excess oil, and product residue. Its refreshing formula, enriched with herbal extracts and essential oils, helps balance and soothe the scalp, leaving it clean and revitalized.
  • Anti-Grease Conditioner: Gentle non-irritating conditioner that moisturizes and restores hair and scalp thanks to its blend of babassu and moringa oils. Suitable for all hair types (fine, medium or thick) and scalps (normal to oily and normal to dry). For oily to dry scalp.
  • Scalp Exfoliating Treatment: This gentle but effective exfoliating treatment helps remove the buildup of dead cells and excess oil from the scalp. With natural exfoliating particles and botanical extracts, it stimulates blood circulation, promoting a healthy and balanced scalp.
  • Protective Refreshing Mist: Refreshing mist that provides antioxidant protection throughout the day and scalp and sebum odor control for 48 hours. Reduces sebum instantly by 20%. Excellent for oily scalp.

You can take care of your scalp with Scalp Solutions

With Aveda's Scalp Solutions line, you can care for and revitalize your scalp, promoting healthier, more balanced hair. These products have been tested and recommended by hair care experts, and thousands of people around the world rely on them to maintain the health of their scalp.

Don't let scalp worries affect your confidence. Discover Aveda's Scalp Solutions line at Coserty and give your scalp the care it deserves. Experience freshness and revitalization with these exceptional Aveda products!

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