Polvo Decolorante

Imaginary Colors bleaching powder is a powder with Plexforce that maintains the hair´s essential bonds and minimizes breakage, leaving hair healthy.

It is a combination of Maleic acid and a specific conditioner that penetrates the hair fiber to help protect the hair.

This protection helps the hair maintain its original physical properties.

Imaginary Colors Polvo Decolorante at Coserty

At Coserty, we are excited to introduce you to Imaginary Colors brand bleaching powder, the key to achieving bold and vibrant transformations in your hair! Get ready to discover a new dimension in the world of hair coloring, where creativity and style have no limits.

Why choose Imaginary Colors Polvo Decolorante in Coserty?
  • Creative Freedom: Imaginary Colors bleaching powder allows you to explore an infinite palette of possibilities for your hair. From lightening and bleaching to creating bold and unique looks, this powder is the essential tool to transform your hair.
  • Professional Quality: Used by beauty professionals around the world, Imaginary Colors bleaching powder is known for its exceptional quality and performance. It guarantees impressive and long-lasting results.
  • Hair Care: Despite its bleaching power, this powder is formulated with ingredients that care for and protect your hair during the process. You can achieve a stunning look without compromising the health of your hair.
  • Versatility: Whether you are looking to lighten, bleach or prepare your hair for a vibrant color, Imaginary Colors has the powder bleach that is right for you.
Featured Polvo Decolorantes from Imaginary Colors in Coserty:
  • Imaginary Colors Plexforce Polvo Decolorante: The Powder Bleach created with an exclusive non-volatile formula that prevents overloading the environment. Bleach up to 9 shades!
Explore our online store and discover the full range of Imaginary Colors bleaching powders available at Coserty!

At Coserty, we know that your hair is an expression of your style and personality. With Imaginary Colors bleaching powder, you can transform your hair and achieve the look you´ve always wanted.

Don´t wait any longer to unleash your creativity and achieve stunning hair. Buy now and discover why Imaginary Colors is the choice of those looking for the best in hair color full of style and boldness. Your hair deserves the freedom and expression that only Imaginary Colors can provide.

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