Heart of Glass

The Davines range dedicated to the care of natural, bleached and chemically treated blondes.

Davines Heart of glass offers a complete hair routine, which includes four products: shampoo, conditioner, treatment and thermo-protective illuminating fluid without rinsing.

Davines Heart of Glass

Care for your blonde hair

Shiny, vital, irreverent: to preserve its natural strength and beauty, blonde hair needs special care and attention . ´Heart of glass´ owes its name to a famous song from the 80s, sung by an iconic blonde singer.

The name of the line also metaphorically refers to the irresistible contrast of blonde hair, which they are characterized by their delicacy and at the same time are a symbol of luminosity and vitality.

All the products are designed to enhance the beauty of blonde hair , both natural and treated (with bleaching, lightening and coloring) or stressed by exposure to sunlight and the influence of other factors that can weaken the hair fiber.

´Heart of glass´ offers a complete hair routine, which includes four products: shampoo, conditioner, treatment, and illuminating thermo-protective leave-in fluid.

´Blue´ shampoo and conditioner to enhance your blonde

The shampoo and conditioner have a very particular color: indigo blue. To obtain it, Davines uses natural extract of Jagua, a fruit grown sustainably in Colombia to preserve biodiversity.

The ´blue of Jagua extract´ guarantees the balance of the chromatic range of the hair reflections, ideal for all types of blondes. It can be used frequently, or with each wash, without the risk of color overload.

The extract prevents cool blondes from turning into warm tones and warm blondes from acquiring reflections even warmer.

It also revives the shine of natural blonde hair, which can lose its luminosity and vitality due to the sun, salt, chlorine or lime.

Nature and science: your allies to strengthen, repair and nourish your hair


´Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze´ contains a new active, patented by Davines Laboratories, of natural origin derived from the Scandinavian fir.

This "botanical shield" is made from tree fibers from sustainably managed forests. It strengthens, hydrates and provides elasticity to the hair, protecting it from heat and helping to prolong the duration of the hairstyle.


It is a complex of molecules created and patented by Davines Laboratories. It has an extraordinary effect on the hair, as it strengthens it and at the same time prevents and repairs damage. The Biacidic Bond Complex is present in ´Heart of Glass Intense Treatment and Rich Conditioner´.


Heart of Glass formulas are enriched with an innovative natural extract obtained from Baobab seeds.

This ingredient represents the botanical alternative to the use of silicones because it helps to hydrate, regulate and make hair more elastic.

The extract comes from sustainably cultivated and managed baobab plantations, to contribute to economic development in Africa.

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