The Circle Chronicles

The Circle Chronicles by Davines is a line of hair masks designed to meet the needs imposed by our current pace of life.

The products that make up the family cover all usage needs and respond with quick and specific results.

They are enriched with active ingredients of natural origin, such as clay, 100% natural bamboo charcoal, and "superfood" plants such as moringa butter and matcha tea extract, known for their many beneficial properties.

The Circle Chronicles by Davines

A hair mask for every occasion.

´The Circle Chronicles´ is a line of hair masks designed for modern living. Our seven masks answer all the needs of use with fast and specific results, from the deep nutrition of ´The Renaissance Circle´, to the detoxifying effect of ´The Purity Circle´.

Enjoy the masks of The Circle Chronicles is totally up to you. Used individually, they offer specific results such as shine or hydration; applied together, (multi-masking service) they achieve personalized effects on the scalp, mid-lengths and ends.

How to experience the results of The Circle Chronicles hair masks?

Individual masks :

  • Specific care according to the needs of hair and/or scalp.
  • Reusable and easy to close : several applications can be obtained from each sachet.
  • Size to take anywhere, even in hand luggage.


  • Meet several individual needs at once: scalp, mid-lengths and ends.
  • Different options can be combined according to the hair needs, the moment, the day or the occasion.

Personalized hair care

The Circle Chronicles are designed towork perfectly in sync with your life and individual needs. They have a closure to preserve them between applications and an adequate size to facilitate their use anywhere.

Each mask is unique and is dedicated to cover a specific need, but it may exist a time when more than one mask can be used at the same time. The beauty of The Circle Chronicles is that it can cover different hair needs in a short time.

Formulated at Davines Laboratories in Parma -Italy-, ´The Circle Chronicles´ masks are presented in resealable containers designed for practical use.

Include a mask in the hair beauty routine

The new hair masks were created to cover different needs, with the same common good: visible results in 15 minutes or less.

Sustainable packaging

The packaging is carbon neutral, and the carbon dioxide emitted to produce it is offset by reforestation projects.

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