Color Conserve

You love your color and we love that you can maintain its intensity after leaving your beauty salon.

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Aveda Color Conserve

Keep your hair color vibrant and radiant for longer with Aveda´s Color Conserve line of products!

To protect and preserve hair color colored hair

Aveda´s Color Conserve line has been specially created to protect and preserve the color of your treated hair. Each product has been formulated with natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, providing you with a high-quality hair care experience.

Aveda´s Color Conserve line includes a variety of essential products to maintain your hair color shiny and long-lasting

  • Color Conserve Shampoo: This gentle, sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses hair without stripping the color. Its unique formula, enriched with botanical extracts and essential oils, protects hair from damage caused by UV rays and other environmental factors, while keeping color vibrant and full of life.
  • Color Conditioner Preserve: This moisturizing and nourishing conditioner detangles hair, leaving it soft and manageable. Its formula rich in antioxidants and natural oils prevents discoloration and helps maintain the shine and luminosity of the color. In addition, it provides additional protection against free radicals that can damage color-treated hair.
  • Color Conserve Intensive Mask: This intensive mask deeply nourishes and strengthens color-treated hair. Formulated with shea butter and other moisturizing ingredients, it restores hair´s vitality, improves its elasticity and prolongs the duration of color. Use weekly for optimal results and soft, shiny hair.
  • Colour Protecting Spray: This lightweight, protecting spray forms an invisible barrier around hair to protect against color fading. and damage caused by heat from styling tools. Its formula contains natural sun filters and botanical extracts that keep the color vibrant and protected at all times.

Healthy colored hair for longer

With the Color Conserve line from Aveda, you can enjoy healthy looking, radiant colored hair for longer. These products have been tested and recommended by hair color experts and are trusted by thousands of people around the world to maintain their hair color at its best.

Don´t let your hair color fade prematurely. Discover Aveda´s Color Conserve line at Coserty and give your colored hair the care and protection it deserves. Experience long-lasting, vibrant color with these exceptional products from Aveda!

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