Elumen is Goldwell´s color that illuminates the hair from within to offer intense and unmatched results. High performance coloring without oxidants

Repairs hair during coloring. No peroxide, no ammonia or ammonia smell. Up to 37% more shine compared to intensive demi-permanent hair colors.

Up to 76% more color intensity compared to oxidative permanent colors.

Up to 20% longer duration compared to oxidative permanent color.

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Elumen by Goldwell at Coserty

Welcome to the world of vibrant color and overflowing creativity with the Elumen range by Goldwell at Coserty!

Colors that speak for you</h5 >

Immerse yourself in the explosion of bold and long-lasting colors with Goldwell´s Elumen line. These products are like an artist´s palette for your hair, allowing you to express your personality in the most vibrant way possible. Do you want to stand out in the crowd? This is where the magic begins!

Elumen star products
  • Elumen Hair Dyes: Intense, long-lasting colors that challenge limits. From electric blue to chic pink, find the shade that reflects your unique style.
  • Elumen Lock: Protect your masterpiece! This sealing conditioner helps maintain color intensity and luminosity for longer.
  • Elumen Color Shampoo: A shampoo specially formulated to preserve the vibrancy of your color. Gently cleanses without compromising the intensity of the tone.
  • Elumen Play: Do you feel the need to change? Try temporary colors and have fun experimenting without long-term commitments.
With Elumen, your hair is the canvas and the color is your work of art.

Discover the power of creativity with Goldwell´s Elumen at Coserty! Let your hair speak for you and dare to stand out. Ready for a game change in your hair routine? We are here to help you shine like never before.

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