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Discover the wonderful Actyva line by Kemon in Coserty!

At Coserty, we present the exclusive line of hair products Actyva of the Kemon brand. Designed to provide exceptional care for your hair, Actyva combines the beauty of nature with scientific innovation, offering you effective and healthy solutions for your hair needs.

Actyva products are formulated with high-quality ingredients that nourish, repair and revitalize your hair from root to tip. Whether you're looking for deep hydration, color protection, lush volume, or dandruff control, Actyva has the perfect solution for you.

Visible and lasting results with Kemon Actyva

From shampoos and conditioners to specialized treatments, every Actyva product is carefully crafted to provide visible and long-lasting results. In addition, its delicate and sophisticated fragrance will transform your hair care routine into a unique sensory experience.

Discover all the lines offered by Actyva de Kemon

  • Nutrizione: When it comes to restoring the health and shine of your hair, Actyva Nutrizione is the answer. This line offers nourishing ingredients that improve the hair structure and bring vitality to dull and damaged hair.
  • Discipline: Designed to tame even the most rebellious hair, the Discipline line combines Kemon's hair care expertise with high-quality ingredients to give you amazing results. Forget about frizz problems and lack of control. The Disciplina line is here to transform your hair into a silky and smooth work of art.
  • Nuova Fibra: Actyva's Nuova Fibra line is more than a hair care routine; It's an opportunity to revitalize your relationship with your hair. Enjoy the feeling of strong, radiant hair that radiates confidence and health. Say goodbye to damaged hair and welcome transformation with the Nuova Fibra line.
  • Volume e Corposità: Actyva's Volume e Corposità line goes beyond the simple volume; It is an opportunity to express your style with hair full of confidence and vitality. Enjoy hair that attracts all eyes and adapts to any hairstyle you can imagine. Say goodbye to flat hair and welcome elevation with the Volume e Corposità line.
  • P Factor: Actyva P Factor focuses on specific solutions for the scalp. From oil control to growth stimulation, this line addresses various concerns to ensure a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.
  • Linfa Solare: Specially designed to protect hair exposed to sun, chlorine and salt, the Linfa Solare line combines Kemon's hair care expertise with advanced ingredients that preserve the vitality of your hair. If you value the health and appearance of your hair, Linfa Solare is here to provide you with an effective and nourishing solution.
  • Bellesere: Actyva's Bellessere line is more than a hair care routine; It is an invitation to pamper yourself and give your hair the elite treatment it deserves. Enjoy the sensation of rejuvenated and revitalized hair, which shines with a splendor worthy of admiration.
  • Speciffici: Actyva's Specifficidé line isn't just about treating scalp problems; It is a way to restore your scalp's vitality and well-being. Enjoy the confidence that comes from a healthy, problem-free scalp, and give your hair the perfect foundation to grow strong and beautiful.

At Coserty, we believe in giving our customers access to the best, and Kemon's Actyva line meets that standard. Beautify your hair with products you can trust. Explore the Actyva range in our online store and give yourself the hair you deserve. Your beauty is our passion, and Kemon's Actyva fits perfectly with that vision.

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