Hair Refresher

Hair Refresher is the dry shampoo that absorbs excess sebum, leaving hair clean and hydrated.

It leaves no residue and does not weigh it down. Suitable for all types of hair. Simply comfortable, practical and fast.

Davines Hair Refresher

Dry shampoo for all hair types

Fresh for your hair, without water. To keep your hair healthy, it is recommended not to wash it daily. Hair Refresher is a light powder spray with a fresh scent that absorbs excess oil and adds volume without water.

Clean and fresh hair, whenever you want it

The rhythm of Today´s life forces us to be in constant motion — but this does not mean that we cannot have clean hair at any time, without having to resort to a conventional shampoo.

Hair Refresher absorbs excess oil, leaving the clean and hydrated scalp and hair. It is an essential product for after exercising or to use it on days that you do not wash your hair. It does not leave residues or weighs it down. It is suitable for all hair types.

A refreshing formula

This dry shampoo has a fine cleansing spread with minimal ingredients for maximum effectiveness.

The Formula

Hair Refresher´s formula was designed to revitalize and cleanse hair without water. Thanks to its natural active ingredients, Hair Refresher is highly absorbent and moisturizing. It can neutralize and absorb excess oil with just a few sprays.

Cleanses hair with a fresh scent

Hair Refresher adds volume and a fresh scent to hair. A light and citrus fragrance that works in synergy with natural molecules to capture and neutralize odors that may appear due to excess oil on the scalp.

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