Brilliant hair care.

Smoothes hair, gives it shine and leaves a pleasant pure-fume scent.

Vegan and cruelty free products.

Aveda Brilliant Range

Discover the Aveda Brilliant line of products, a range specially designed to enhance and highlight the natural beauty of your hair. With botanically-derived ingredients and advanced formulas, these products give you exceptional results while caring for and protecting your hair. Let us introduce you to this incredible line:

  • Aveda Brilliant Shampoo is the first step to achieving shiny, radiant hair. Its gentle yet effective formula deeply cleanses the hair and scalp, removing impurities and excess oil without leaving it dry or dull. In addition, its plant-based aroma envelops you in a relaxing and revitalizing sensory experience.
  • Continue your care routine with Aveda´s Brilliant Conditioner. This light and nourishing conditioner gently detangles the hair, leaving it hydrated and soft. In addition, it strengthens and protects the hair against damage caused by styling and the environment, leaving it silky, manageable and full of life.
  • For those moments when you need an extra boost of shine, the Brilliant Damage Control Spray by Aveda is your perfect ally. This multi-tasking conditioner and heat protectant spray not only protects hair from the heat of styling tools, it also adds instant shine and softness. Spray it on damp hair before styling or use it on dry hair to refresh and revitalize your style.
  • Complete your styling routine with the Brilliant Medium Hold Spray: spray to medium hold hair without aerosols that protects it from humidity, fixes it and adds shine.

Raise the shine of your hair

At Coserty, we offer you the Aveda´s Brilliant line of products to enhance the natural beauty of your hair. With these products, you will achieve shiny, soft and full of life hair. Each product has been carefully formulated with high quality botanical ingredients and respect for the environment. Find out how Brilliant by Aveda can transform your hair care routine and give you dazzling results.

Elevate your hair´s shine with Aveda´s Brilliant line! At Coserty, we are committed to offering you the best hair care and beauty products. Discover the unique experience of Aveda and let yourself be carried away by the magic of nature in each product. Your hair deserves the best, and with Aveda´s Brilliant line, you will achieve extraordinary results.

Recommendations by Coserty

Here are some recommendations to get the most out of Brilliant products and obtain healthy hair. bright and beautiful:

  1. Start with Aveda Brilliant Shampoo. Apply to wet hair and gently massage into scalp. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove any residue. Use this shampoo regularly to keep your hair clean, fresh and full of shine.
  2. After shampooing, apply Aveda Brilliant Conditioner. Distribute evenly from roots to ends. Leave it on for a few minutes so that the nourishing ingredients penetrate the hair. Then rinse well for soft, silky and manageable hair.
  3. For an extra boost of shine and protection, use Aveda´s Brilliant Damage Control Spray. Spray on damp hair before styling or on dry hair to revitalize and add instant shine. This spray also protects your hair from the heat of styling tools, keeping it healthy and strong.
  4. For a glossy finish, apply Aveda Brilliant Medium Hold Spray. Spray 10–12 inches from hair to maintain style with medium hold and spectacular shine.
  5. Remember that Aveda Brilliant products work best when used together. Combine them for optimal results and truly shiny hair. Also, don´t forget to complement your routine with other Aveda products to suit your specific needs.

At Coserty, we offer you the complete line of Aveda Brilliant products so you can experience the power of a shiny and radiant hair. Each product has been carefully formulated with ingredients of natural origin and respect for the environment. Take advantage of these recommendations and give your hair the care it deserves with Aveda´s Brilliant line.

Give your hair a dazzling shine with Aveda´s Brilliant line! At Coserty, we are committed to bringing you high-quality products that give you exceptional results. Discover how Aveda´s Brilliant line can transform your hair and enhance your natural beauty. Don´t wait any longer and start enjoying shiny and radiant hair with Aveda!

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