Hair coloring

Take care of your hair color with coloring and bleaching products from the best brands, you will be able to perfect the color to have colored, soft and purified hair. At Coserty we have a wide catalog of hair colors, you can also choose your color without ammonia!

Hair collar at Coserty

Welcome to the hair color section at Coserty, where bringing your hair to life is easier than counting to three! Here you'll find an explosion of colors to make your hair as vibrant as your personality. Leave the hairy boredom behind and welcome the fun.

In this colorful corner, we have dyes for every taste and style. From the fiery red that says, "Here I am!" to the electric blue that screams, "I am unique and I know it!. It doesn't matter if you're more classic with a warm chestnut or if you prefer a bolder shade like emerald green, here are options for every taste!

As we like to say, "a good hairstyle is the best cover letter"

So, let your mane speak for you. And as the saying goes, "With a good haircut, you look lively until Monday". At Coserty, we're here to make your days always look like Friday.

Tips and recommendations for dyed hair

Here are some tips to keep your color glowing longer.

  1. First, she uses specific products for dyed hair, like our fabulous shampoos and conditioners.
  2. Second, avoid hot water, cold is your friend to keep those pigments in place!
  3. And finally, protect yourself from the sun as if it were your number one enemy!

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in our color palette and give your hair the love it deserves. Remember, at Coserty we don't just sell dyes, we sell smiles and hair confidence! I said dye!

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