Products that adapt to you

Lendan is the brand of professional hairdressing and aesthetic products for those who set no limits, those who are creative non-conformists, who appreciate the small details, who are and feel young.

Furthermore, more than 50 years of experience in the world of professional cosmetics have made Lendan a more than consolidated brand that prioritizes research and development for the manufacture and marketing of high-end hairdressing and professional aesthetic products.

Enter Hair Paradise with Lendan at Coserty!

Tired of having a "bad hair day" every day? Well, friend, you´re in luck. At Coserty, we bring you Lendan shampoos and hair fixatives, the brand that will make your hair the envy of everyone. Get ready to say goodbye to hair chaos and hello to a mane that dazzles.

Because your hair deserves the best

Imagine a shampoo that not only cleans, but also makes your hair shine like the stars on a clear night. That´s what Lendan offers you. From hydrating to volumizing formulas, these shampoos are like a spa for your hair. And we can´t forget about hairsprays, those brave warriors that keep your hairstyle in place without leaving a trace of stickiness. Yes, finally!

"Well-kept hair, soul in love"

With Lendan at Coserty, no matter if it´s a windy or rainy day, your hair will stay in its best version. So, dare to pamper your hair with the magic of Lendan and discover what it is like to have hair that is always ready for the party.

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