Fortify Fibre Clinix

Treatment for damaged, over-treated hair

Its formula with Triple Bonding Technology and C21 and Niacinamide fortifies and nourishes the hair fiber to prolong the effect of the Fiber Clinix salon service. If you are in Almería we recommend you visit our hairdresser.

Triple Bonding Technology

Advanced bonding technology fortifies the hair structure from the inside out. Contains a trivalent ion that creates new bonds by forming a three-dimensional network within the hair fiber, for up to 10 times stronger hair*.

*When used in conjunction with Fiber Clinix vs. untreated hair.

Triple Bonding Fibre Clinix · Schwarzkopf |

C21 technology

A highly effective conditioning agent that acts on the hair surface and repairs the C21 lipid chains present in the cuticle.

Tecnología C21 Fibre Clinix · Schwarzkopf |

Up to 10x stronger hair*Complete sealing of porosity**Repairs internal and external hair structure for up to 60 days****when used with Fiber Clinix vs. untreated hair** brushing test on wet hair vs. untreated hair*** when used in conjunction with Fiber Clinix Home Care Treatment

What is FiberClinix?

The new hair care treatment that unites innovative science with customization, to be used both in the salon and to give hair care at home. The most advanced and powerful repair technology from Schwarzkopf Professional combined with complete customization:

  • Up to 10x stronger hair.
  • Complete sealing of porosity.
  • Repairs the internal and external structure of the hair hair up to 60 days.

What hair needs the Fiber Clinix Fortify treatment for damaged hair?

  • Hair surface rough and difficult to comb
  • Hair absorbs a lot of water and drying time may be longer
  • Hair feels sponge-like and soft when wet
  • Hair is brittle and appears straw when dry
  • Hair prone to split ends

Remember that if you have a secondary need for your hair: you also want to hydrate it, protect your color, say goodbye to frizz or get more volume, we recommend buying the enhancer that complements your primary objective, which in this case would be to get strong and repaired hair.

For colored hair, its AHA formula enhances color intensity for long-lasting color results.

For damaged and excessively treated hair, its formula with niacinamide fortifies and nourishes the hair fiber.

For dry or brittle hair, its formula with a Squalane Complex balances the hydration level and helps increase elasticity.

For fine or weak hair, its formula with Phytokine provides a sensation of light but full-bodied hair.

For thick, frizzy and rebellious hair, its formula with Ceramide visibly controls the hair structure and smoothes the capillary surface, achieving an anti-frizz effect.

Discover the Fiber Clinix home care treatment that best meets the needs of your hair...

Why is the hair damaged? even without treatments

Hair damage occurs when the hair structure is weakened due to various factors, causing the hair to not look healthy.

Environmental damage caused by external aggressions such as pollution, exposure to the sun or temperature variations

In the case of pollution, small particles adhere to the surface of the hair. These damage the cuticles and dull the hair and make it unruly. The hair is rough to the touch and tangles easily.

Physical damage

Each wash, each stroke with the comb and each finishing product brings a damaging force to the hair. While this effect is small, the mid-lengths and ends of long hair, in particular, will have been washed, styled, and finished numerous times. Frizz and breakage can occur even when hair has not been chemically treated.

Chemical damage caused by coloring, bleaching, perming and straightening which can break bonds.

Overexposing the hair causes severe damage, eg uneven cuticle tips and breaks within the hair structure that make the hair fiber stiff, sensitized and prone to breakage. This hair needs intensive repairing care to restructure the hair fiber.

How to use Fiber Clinix Fortify

Fortifying Shampoo



  • Gently cleanses damaged hair and prepares it
  • for the care treatment
  • Regenerates, fortifies and revitalizes the hair fiber
  • Provides shine and a smooth capillary surface

Fortifying Conditioner



  • Helps rebuild the hair fiber
  • Detangles hair and improves manageability
  • Smoothes and seals the hair surface
  • Improves resistance and shine

Multi-Repair Fortifying Lotion



  • Instantly repairs lengths and ends
  • Improves resistance to the effects of blow-drying heat that lead to porous, frizzy hair
  • Leaves hair soft and shiny
  • Multiple uses:
    1. Apply to wet hair, leave on for 5 min, then rinse.
    2. Apply to towel-dried hair . Do not rinse.
    3. Apply a small amount to dry hair.

Fortifying Treatment



  • Regenerates porous hair
  • Seals porosity completely
  • Improves elasticity, manageability and shine
  • Customizes and intensifies the effect of Fiber Clinix Treatments

*cuando se usa junto al Tratamiento de Volumen de Fibre Clinix

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