Protective and synergistic formulas for effective results, natural effects and zero waste. Certified Icea Vegan and Love Nature The first line of Professional Styling certified Icea Vegan and Love Nature.

LOVE NATURE It is a certification linked to specifications that Kemon has imposed on itself for the protection of the environment and the health of consumers. A list of ingredients* that we have eliminated from our products, given that they present minimal supposed criticalities for the environment or health.

The ICEA VEGAN certification guarantees that no raw materials, adjuvants or manufacturing auxiliaries of animal origin or obtained from GMOs are used in the ingredients and throughout the entire production cycle of And products.

Elevate Your Style with Kemon's AND Line at Coserty

At Coserty, we understand that your hair is a fundamental part of your personal style, and Kemon's AND product line is designed to help you express yourself in unique ways. This collection of versatile products allows you to achieve a wide variety of styles, from natural and casual to elegant and polished.

What can Kemmon's AND line offer you?

Unmatched versatility: Kemon's AND line stands out for its versatility. These products allow you to create and customize your style, adapting it to any occasion.

High Quality Formulas: Quality is fundamental in the AND line. These products are formulated with premium ingredients that care for and protect your hair while you style it.

How to use and Recommendations by Coserty
  • Styling AND Cream: Apply a small amount of cream to wet or dry hair and style as desired. This cream provides a flexible fixation and a natural finish.
  • Volumizer Spray AND: Spray the spray on dry hair to create texture and volume. Use it to give a casual touch to your style.
  • Glitter Spray AND: Spray the spray on combed hair to give it a healthy shine and flawless finish.

Kemon's AND line at Coserty is the perfect choice for those who want freedom and versatility in their hairstyle. Discover how these products will help you achieve stylish hair full of personality. Join us on a journey towards limitless style with AND at Coserty!

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