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Aveda Styling Range

Create unique, lasting styles with Aveda's Styling product line!

Aveda's Styling line offers a wide range of products to help you achieve the perfect hairstyle, from soft, natural looks to bold, edgy styles. These products have been created with natural and environmentally friendly ingredients, to give you exceptional results without compromising the health of your hair.

Aveda's Styling line includes a variety of essential products to achieve the style you want

  • Phomollient Styling Foam: This lightweight, volumizing mousse adds body and texture to hair, creating long-lasting volume without weighing it down. Its plant-based formula, which combines ingredients such as oatmeal and grapefruit, helps strengthen and protect hair while giving it a fuller, fuller appearance.
  • Confixor Liquid Gel: This fixing gel provides strong and lasting control over the hair, leaving no sticky residue. Ideal for defined and structured styles, its formula enriched with botanical extracts helps keep the hairstyle in place without compromising the flexibility and natural movement of the hair.
  • Texturizing Spray: This lightweight and versatile texturizing spray adds texture and definition to hair, creating disheveled and stylish looks. With a blend of sea salt and botanical extracts, it provides a matte finish and a more voluminous appearance, without drying out hair or leaving visible residue.
  • Molding Paste: This styling molding wax offers flexible fixation and definition to styles. Perfect for creating defined and controlled looks, its formula based on beeswax and natural oils provides a moldable texture and a healthy shine to the hair.

Create bold hair looks and express your creativity

With Aveda's Styling line, you can express your creativity and personal style through your hair. These products have been tested and recommended by professional stylists, and are used in renowned beauty salons around the world.

Don't settle for an average hairstyle. Discover Aveda's Styling line at Coserty and take your style to the next level. Experience Aveda's exceptional quality and performance in your hairstyles and discover a world of styling possibilities!

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