TERMIX, an innovative leading company in the manufacturing of hairdressing tools.

Its main concern has been and is to offer quality and service to professionals in the sector, based on new technologies and contributing its experience of more than twenty years as manufacturers, currently having distributors in more than 80 countries around the world.

TERMIX products are today consolidated as the highest quality in the sector, and it has a complete catalog that includes the TERMIX brushing range as well as the entire line of utensils that the professional needs to be able to carry out their work with full guarantee.

Their work is supported by obtaining the ISO 9001-2008 certificate, aimed at continuous improvement in all areas, and which allows them to offer technology, quality and service for aesthetics and hair care.

Its manufacturing process is its work philosophy to guarantee the best products, combining technology and avant-garde, with craftsmanship to take care of the smallest detail.

The Termix hair brush brand at Coserty!

Are you tired of fighting with your hair every morning? Calm down, friend! At Coserty, we have the perfect solution to make your hair the envy of the neighborhood. With Termix hair brushes, saying goodbye to knots and hello to shine is easier than finding a coffee on a Monday.

Brushes that will tame your hair

If your hair It is a battlefield and your entanglements seem like a labyrinth with no exit, Termix is ​​your hair superhero. These brushes are designed to detangle without pulling, leaving your hair soft and manageable. Forget about those uncomfortable moments with the brush that seems to want to tear your scalp. Termix is ​​like the best friend that untangles your problems without drama.

Reflect your style with Termix brushes

Because style is personal, right? Termix brushes not only detangle, but also shape your hair according to your unique style. From sexy curls to flowing mermaid locks, these brushes will help you conquer the world with your look. It´s like having your own personal stylist 24/7.

"Beautiful hair, happy heart"

With Termix at Coserty, your hair will be so happy it could sing. Dare to unleash the magic in your hair and discover what these brushes can do for you! At Coserty, we are here to make every day a good day for your hair.

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