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The most advanced and powerful repair technology.

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FIBRE CLINIX is the new hair care treatment that unites innovative science with customization, to be used both in the salon and to give hair care at home. The most advanced and powerful repair technology from Schwarzkopf Professional combined with complete customization:

  • Hair up to 10x stronger.*
  • Complete sealing of porosity.**
  • Repairs the internal and external structure of the hair for up to 60 days.***

High-performance customization

Returns the hair of those who use it to its natural quality with Triple Bonding and C21 technology.****

The FIBER CLINIX experience begins in the salon with a professional consultation and continues at home with an at-home care treatment prescribed according to the client´s individual hair needs to maintain and prolong results until the next salon visit.

*When used with FIBER CLINIX treatment vs. untreated hair.

**Brushing test on wet hair vs. untreated hair.

***When used in conjunction with FIBER CLINIX home care treatment.

****Biophysical brushing tests of treatment on moderately bleached hair vs. . natural hair.

Triple Bonding Technology

Advanced bonding technology fortifies the hair structure from the inside out. Contains a trivalent ion that creates new bonds by forming a three-dimensional network within the hair fiber, for up to 10 times stronger hair*.

*When used in conjunction with Fiber Clinix vs. untreated hair.

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C21 technology

A highly effective conditioning agent that acts on the hair surface and repairs the C21 lipid chains present in the cuticle.

Tecnología C21 Fibre Clinix · Schwarzkopf |

Balanced scalp, healthy hair

Schwarzkopf expands the FIBER CLINIX treatment with the Scalp Clinix salon-exclusive scalp treatment, which is completely customizable and combines use both in the salon and at home. Marrying high-performance active microbiome technology with skincare-inspired ingredients with customization to complement the FIBER CLINIX service with minimal additional time to seamlessly treat scalp and hair simultaneously. Hairdressers can set themselves apart from the competition by becoming true scalp and hair experts.

Salon service and home maintenance

Helps to rebalance the state of the client´s scalp in the salon with the new line of specific treatment. Contains Biotic Technology, with active microbiome to meet the specific needs of the user´s scalp: all types of dandruff, dry, sensitive and oily scalp and hair loss.

SCALP CLINIX expands the existing treatment from FIBER CLINIX offering a fully customizable salon-exclusive scalp care treatment. It can easily be included in the FIBER CLINIX treatment adding minimal additional time to perfectly treat the scalp and hair at the same time, through a complete approach to both.


An advanced formula of natural ingredients designed to balance the scalp microbiome and improve hair health:

  • Helps support the balance of the scalp microbiome for a healthy scalp condition. improved.
  • Soothes and soothes the scalp.
  • Leaves the scalp feeling hydrated and balanced.
  • Contains fermented ingredients and Flor de the Snows.
Biotic Schwarzkopf |

PHASE 1: The scalp microbiome is thrown out of balance when harmful microbes take precedence over beneficial ones.

Biotic Schwarzkopf |

PHASE 2: Biotic technology with active microbiome that helps to rebalance the microbiome of the scalp to improve its condition.

Biotic Schwarzkopf |

PHASE 3: When the ratio of beneficial and harmful microbes returns to its natural state, the scalp microbiome is balanced, improving the condition of the scalp.

Schwarzkopf, working on the development of sustainability and global objectives

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All packaging will be recyclable or reusable by 2025.

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Reduce the amount of virgin plastic of fossil origin by 50% by 2025.

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Support waste collection and recycling initiatives to promote closed-loop recycling.

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Formulas with up to 95% ingredients of natural origin and important certificates.

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"Free of" formulas with optimal product properties and focused on the transparency of ingredients.

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Reduce CO2 emissions in production by 100% by 2030.

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That 100% of the energy used comes from renewable sources by 2030.

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