Natural formula with Apple Plant Stem Cells, Trace Minerals and Yeasts, the latest effective natural extracts, which stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.

The best fight against hair loss and a real energy booster for strong and healthy hair!

Get the products from the Biogenesi range of the Kléral System brand at Coserty, your trusted online store.

Biogenesi by Kleral System at Coserty: Revitalize and Nourish Your Hair

At Coserty, we present the Biogenesi product line from Kleral System, a range of hair products designed to revitalize and nourish your hair in depth. With high-quality ingredients and an effective formulation, this line is ideal for those looking to restore the health and vitality of their hair.

Here's a complete overview of what Kleral System's Biogenesi line has to offer:
  • Hair Revitalization: Kleral System's Biogenesi products are formulated to revitalize and rejuvenate your hair. They help strengthen the strands and bring life to dull and damaged hair.
  • Intensive Nutrition: This line provides deep nourishment to the hair, replenishing essential nutrients for a healthy and vibrant appearance.
How to use and Recommendations by Coserty
  • Biogenesi Peeling Shampoo: Anti-dandruff, anti-bacterial and refreshing shampoo with stem cells of Apple, Sage, Green Tea and Piroctone Olamine. Apply the shampoo to wet hair, gently massage the scalp and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. This shampoo gently cleanses and prepares hair for treatments.
  • Biogenesi Camellia Luxury Mask: Softening and color sublimating mask with apple stem cells, olive oil and camellia, instantly detangles, hair becomes silky and easy to comb, the color glowing. Apply the mask to damp hair after shampooing. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. This mask provides deep hydration and restores the vitality of the hair.
  • Biogenesi Lacquer-Gel Spray: Organic lacquer-gel without gas with apple vegetable stem cells. This spray provides volume with matte fixation. Spray on hair. Do not rinse.

The Biogenesi line from Kleral System at Coserty is the perfect choice for those looking to bring their hair back to life and enjoy a healthier, more radiant appearance. Discover how these products can transform the appearance and texture of your hair, providing a natural and renewed beauty. Join us on a journey towards revitalized hair with Biogenesi from Kleral System at Coserty!

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