Liquid Spell

Liquid Spell is the product line that provides strength to the hair fiber, giving it a healthy, silky and shiny appearance.

An elixir that transforms from liquid to foam, it gives body and volume to fine hair, and helps to repair damaged and dull hair, providing instant softness and vitality.

Liquid Spell gives body, volume and strength to damaged or fine hair.

Liquid Spell

Gives hair strength and body

A liquid-to-foam elixir that gives body and volume to fine hair and helps repair hair damaged, giving it instant softness and vitality.

Damaged and dull hair? Bodyless and lifeless? Do you need a transformation? Liquid Spell is a fluid that provides strength to the hair fiber, visibly transforming the quality of the hair, giving it a healthier, silkier and naturally shiny appearance.

Transformative power

Liquid Spell: body, volume and strength for damaged or fine hair.

Liquid Spell helps to achieve silky, shiny and healthy hair. It is ideal for sensitized hair (due to aggressive treatments, mechanical stress or environmental factors) and for fine or weak hair, which presents slight damage or lacks shine and lacks energy.

Tips for use and texture

  • Liquid Spell can be used in combination with any of the usual hair care products, just be sure to apply it afterwards of any product intended for the treatment of the scalp and before hair treatments or products.
  • Liquid Spell is especially effective when combined with other Davines products to form a "concentrate". Example: when applying OI/ All In One Milk, after Liquid Spell, gives the hair a ´silk effect´, detangling power and softness.

The combination of Highly effective ingredients give hair the power of transformation, giving hair an instant improvement.

Heat-Activated Energy

Liquid Spell´s amino acid concentrate activates through heat, which gives body and strength to the hair. Immediate results after application and styling. Versatile and effective, the formula adapts to different hair types and individual beauty routines.

Liquid to foam

Liquid formula turns into a smooth foam for quick application and easy, since the heat-activated molecules in its formula compact the cuticle. The hair will be stronger and more compact, so you can keep the style and volume for longer.

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