ByKleo - Sérum de Medusa Ultrahidratante 50 ml
ByKleo - Ultrahydrating Medusa Serum 50 ml
    ByKleo - Sérum de Medusa Ultrahidratante 50 ml - Coserty Beauty Shop
    ByKleo - Ultrahydrating Medusa Serum 50 ml - Coserty Beauty Shop

    ByKleo - Ultrahydrating Medusa Serum 50 ml

    Ultra-moisturizing serum rich in proteins of marine origin, works as a protective shield of the skin while rehydrating it in depth.

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    Why the jellyfish?

    • Since ancient times jellyfish are appreciated (consumed) in Asia for their medicinal properties to treat: hypertension, ulcers, digestive diseases, treatments against fatigue, weight loss and skin treatments; jellyfish have beneficial properties similar to cartilage for strengthening bones and teeth, antithrombotic and antineoplastic.
    • It is also used to improve memory, in addition to combating language problems, etc ... age-related.
    • In addition, this serum produces bioactive substances with bactericidal activity.
    • Jellyfish possess the unique ability to retain water and control the level of humidity.
    • The body of jellyfish consists of a transparent hemispheric umbrella prolonged by long tentacles loaded with stinging cells.
    • It is a marine species that survives despite the high degrees of pollution of its environment, attacks by other species and even its own marine environment (salt water).

    Use in Cosmetics

    Mucin (a highly glycosylated protein produced by the cells of the epithelial tissues of metazoans) in your body is a protein responsible for maintaining hydration levels and provides lubricating and anti-adhesive properties between cells. Numerous studies since 1900 demonstrate its properties:

    1. Protects: The mucin of the jellyfish has been isolated and has great similarity with the human mucin. It is one of the main contributors to the rheological properties (viscosity) of the mucosa that has a fundamental role in the defense against pathogens and environmental stress.
    2. Hydrates: Jellyfish mucin has three times more moisturizing and hygroscopic activity (attracts moisture) than hyaluronic acid. ByKleo Jellyfish Cream and Jellyfish Serum incorporates in its formula the bioactives of the jellyfish to provide hydration, reduce cell damage and create an improvement in the union of keranocytes to provide greater protection and hydration to the skin.

    Xanthium strumarium (Burdock)

    It is a species of herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family, native to North America and now cultivated in Europe and Asia. Traditionally, the plant has been used for the treatment of hives, eczema or dermatitis due to its properties:

    • Anti-inflammatory: Helps promote fluid removal and reduces the feeling of bloating.
    • Antiallergic: Calms allergic skin reactions.
    • Antibiotics: Fights infections by cleaning and healing.
    • Healing: Heals wounds and other skin conditions.
    • Anti-aging: Treats the skin helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and therefore, delaying the aging of the skin.
    • Detoxifiers: Repairs the skin barrier and the appearance of skin that has been damaged by polluting particles.

    ByKleo Jellyfish Cream and Jellyfish Serum incorporate the bioactives of the plant to repair the epidermal barrier due to the contact of our skin with polluting substances.



    The Medusa range protects and deeply hydrates your skin.

    Medusae mucin provides your skin with protection and deep hydration like never before.

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