Rain Dance

Artego Rain Dance is care for beauty because it contains the care and beauty that nature generates by recreating and renewing itself continuously, thanks to its ancient and perennial active ingredients and the richness of its vital elements; an inexhaustible source of rebirth, transformation, evolution and beauty, with multiple perfumes, colors and nuances, with extraordinary shapes and details.

From phyto-scientific research: a line adapted to every need, rich in "green" elements and scented with cassia extracts and lemongrass, exclusive products for this line from India.

Blooming Complex is the extraordinary result of the formulation of Phyto-scienza that, combining science and nature, gives life to a complex composed of: IPSTIC, 3 certified organic oils: Tsubaki, argan and camellia and silk proteins.

The active ipstic studied and performed by the University of Calabria is a compound formed by hyaluronic acid and soy proteins.

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