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I Color System is the system of coloration yogurt-based, no ammonia and no PPD, enriched with ingredients from organic certified. Distinctive, formula delicate and safe results.

Actyva is the subtle line between science and nature, offers a Shampoo without SLS & SLES for the care of the scalp, hair and the environment.

Liding Care is a line of treatment is quick and effective,designed specifically for those who deseanresultados safe, reliable and immediate, with quick and easy methods of application and use.

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Kemon - 10 vol Oxidant Cream Nayo 1000 ml
  • Reduced price / -17.43%
Oxygenated and emulsions

Kemon - 10 vol Oxidant Cream Nayo 1000 ml

€18.95 €22.95
Cream Activator Nayo. Ammonia and PPD free. NaYo Activators: peroxide developed exclusively for use with NAYO PPD Free Color.
Shampoo Discipline 250 ml -...

Shampoo Discipline 250 ml - Actyva Kemon

Discipline Shampoo is ideal for curly hairs, encrespados or rebellious, difficult to control and maintain the markup. No SLS/SLES.
Shampoo Lymph Solare 250 ml...
Sun Protection

Shampoo Lymph Solare 250 ml - Actyva Kemon

Shampoo that moisturizes body and hair after sun exposure. The skin and hair are left soft with a feeling of well-being and freshness.
body fluid-14 - 150-ml - and - kemon
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Body Fluid-14 - 150-ml - AND - Kemon

€7.90 €16.10
Fluid voluminizante soft and silky, healthy hair with body and compact. Ideal for blow-dries, it adds thickness and body to hair and gives a look healthy, bright and vigorous to the hairstyle. Protects your hair from the heat of the hairdryer and what makes it docile to comb during the markup.
I green natural color 1 black 60ml - kemon
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Baño de Color

Kemon - I Green - Natural Color 1 Black 60ml

€10.50 €13.90
Colouring tone-on-tone that allows you to retrieve the tone and the reflection in treated hairs cosmetically increasing the resistance and the brightness of the result thanks to the delicate action and restorative that not sensitizes structure later.
Shampoo Colore Gloss 250 ml...
Color protection

Shampoo Colore Gloss 250 ml - Actyva Kemon

This shampoo is composed of bilberry extract,it respects the natural balance of skin and ecological environmental while protecting the hair from external agents, leaving the hair soft, smooth and vibrant by maintaining over time the intensity of the color; no SLS or SLES.
Dye Nayo Natural Colours 50...
  • Reduced price / -19.05%
Dyes without ammonia

Dye Nayo Natural Colours 50 ml - Kemon

€11.90 €14.70
NAYO is a dye to the hair of organic origin that does not sting, thanks to its base of yogurt, and the components of high quality in both of your tincture as your water oxygenated. Ammonia-free and PPD, natural dye. Covers 100% of gray hair. Mix 3 envelopes of cream oxidant with all the contents of the tube of colouring cream Nayo. (Not included).
Seal Serum 05 - 100-ml -...

Seal Serum 05 - 100-ml - AND - Kemon

Serum Polish in bottle of 100 ml. Provides hydration and seals the split ends and giving the hair shine and softness.
Lacquer Active Works 300 ml...

Lacquer Active Works 300 ml - Hair Manya - Kemon

Lacquer, ecological gas free extra-hold strong, that fixed the hairstyle without weighing it down. Protects from UV rays, leaves no residue, is removed with one pass of the brush; it leaves a natural look, soft, defined, with volume and brightness.
Shampoo Volume and...
Density and Volume

Shampoo Volume and Corposita 250 ml - Actyva Kemon

Shampoo on the basis of vegetable proteins and natural extracts that gives the hair body, vitality and lightness, while respecting the natural balance of skin and eco-environmental. No SLS or SLES.
Complete Kit Energy Box -...
  • Pack
Anti-hair loss

Complete Kit Energy Box - Liding Care - Kemon

Program energizing for brittle hair and prone to fall. The use of the 3 products optimizes the life cycle of the hair, promoting natural hair growth.
Shampoo Nutrizione Ricca...
Hydration and Nutrition

Shampoo Nutrizione Ricca 250 ml - Actyva Kemon

Shampoo Nutrizione Ricca makes the hair easier to disentangle and comb, leaving the fibre hydrated and the hair silky, shiny and manageable.
P Factor Scalp 150 ml -...
Anti-hair loss

P Factor Scalp 150 ml - Actyva Kemon

This treatment for the scalp and hair contains sweet almond oil, calendula, thyme, aloe vera, chamomile extract, vitamins ( E, B5, PP - -, B6-H), menthol, polishes and emollients; which help to moisturize and soothe the scalp while leaving the hair silky and shining.
Helmet Gel 150 ml - Hair...
Hair Gel / Gel

Helmet Gel 150 ml - Hair Manya - Kemon

Gel without alcohol that provides an extreme hold for a long duration. Ideal for looks, structured or effects smooth and bright.
Kemon - I Cond Color System Beige 150 ml
  • Reduced price / -27.14%
Masks of color

Kemon - I Cond Color System Beige 150 ml

€14.50 €19.90
Conditioner reflective with pH acid, which stains and nourishes the hair in a single gesture, closing perfectly the cuticle.
Bellessere Oil 125 ml -...
All type of hair

Bellessere Oil 125 ml - Actyva Kemon

Elixir of beauty consisting of natural oils of argan and flax that protect, nourish, soften, repair and add shine to hair leaving a full well-being in it, and giving you the maximum wellbeing to the hair.
fix gel 54 - 200-ml - and - kemon
Hair Gel / Gel

Fix Gel 54 - 200-ml - AND - Kemon

Gel fixing strong in bottle of 200 ml. Provides definition, shine and firm control without leaving residues. AND
flex gel-34 - 200-ml - and - kemon
Hair Gel / Gel

Flex Gel-34 - 200-ml - AND - Kemon

Gel modeller flexible in bottle of 200 ml. Provides a glossy wet effect and a fastening soft and elastic. AND
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