Honma Tokyo

honma tokyo coffee premium all liss treatment straightening hair

Coffee Premium All Liss is a treatment of smoothing the hair, rich in proteins and amino acids, natural properties of our hair. It has in its unique formulation, a combination of cysteine, glycolic extract of coffee, cationic polymers and a blend of amino acids that act from the cortex and up to the cuticle, that is to say, from the inside out.

It is compatible with any working chemist, adding reconstruction, hydration, elasticity and creating a protective film is flexible, providing a more even surface and giving a lot more weight, shine and natural movement.

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Honma Tokyo - Keratin Treatment Coffee All Liss
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Honma Tokyo - Keratin Treatment Coffee Premium All Liss

€349.90 €399.90
The treatment Honma Tokyo is indicated for those individuals who have the curly and/or frizzy and you want it smooth and tamable. Includes: Shampoo Anti-Residue + Restorative intense + Mask Ultra Shine.
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